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Tackling Climate Change Head-On

editor Matt Power
Editor Matt Power

DIRE WARNINGS about the effects of Global Warming are no longer warnings. Now they’re simply “news.” Record-breaking, dangerous temperatures, monster storms, flash flooding and runaway wildfires, and emerging epidemics and diseases such as Zika are part of our daily news diet.

Have human beings pushed the planet’s equilibrium past the breaking point? Perhaps. But even if you assume the worst, we must continue to take action to halt or even reverse the man-made causes of our Climate Crisis. When the going gets tough, human beings have shown they can rise to new challenges.

That being said, the time to act is NOW, not next year, not incrementally. Fossil fuels must be phased out immediately. Solar investment must exponentially increase. Every asset available must be turned toward the real threat to the human species. It’s not terrorism. It’s the Earth’s violent and unpredictable response to decades of mistreatment at human hands.—Matt Power, Editor, Resilient Times

About the Editor. An award winning writer and editor with 25 years experience, Matt also serves on the board of The Resilience Hub, a Maine-based organization focused on permaculture, renewable energy, transition from fossil fuels and more. Email him at matt.power@greenbuildermedia.com.