After Devastating Flood, Dawson Creek Business Rebounds, But Many Homeowners Must Pay Out of Pocket

As reported by the Dawson Creek Mirror:

It’s been nearly three months since Dawson Creek swelled over its banks and spilled into homes and businesses along its path, and some of those are still feeling that impact.

“Businesses will recover,” Shoemaker said. But, “for homeowners, it’s out of pocket once, out of pocket forever.”

David Shoemaker of Zwick plumbing and heating talks about the impact of the flood on his business and the surrounding homes. – Mike Carter

Across the street, Peggy and Gerry Bergeron of Bergeron Funeral Services said work to restore the chapel and social areas within their building is coming to an end. They expect to be back in the office by Sept. 30 and have full access by winter.

Including repairs to the small rental home near the funeral parlour’s property, the Bergeron’s estimate they’ve spent about $420,000 in flood repairs.

Both of these businesses had insurance, while many residents in the area did not. For these people, the costs of flood damage recovery is as of yet, unknown.

“Businesses will recover,” Shoemaker said. “They’ll move forward. It’s the homeowners I feel the worst for. If they didn’t have coverage they could be looking at spending (a lot)… for homeowners, it’s out of pocket once, out of pocket forever.”

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Source: Three months later, businesses move back in after flood

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