Antarctic Ice Shelf Poised to Break Within 10 Years, Raising Sea Levels 10 Feet


A 300-foot wide, 70-mile long, a third of a mile deep rift in the Antarctic ice shelf, Larsen C, could cause a 10-feet rise in sea levels

This section of the ice shelf may break off by the next decade, literally opening the dams for sea levels to rise at least by 10 feet. A rise by 10 feet in sea levels could completely submerge cities such as New York and Miami.

The Evidence

An image taken by scientists in NASA’s Operation IceBridge Mission shows a 300-foot wide crack in the Antarctic ice shelf known as Larsen C. It is alarming as the now 70-mile long, third of a mile-deep rift, continues to crack due to global warming.

For now, the crack has not yet completely cut off the ice shelf. Although when Larsen C completely breaks off, it would only just contribute to an 82-centimeter rise in sea levels, its collapse will open the dam for more water to add unto the seas. The complete collapse of the Larsen C is expected to happen in the next decade. But due to global warming, scientists fear that it will happen sooner than expected.

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