Montana Wildfire Threatens 500 Homes

As reported by NBC News:

RAVALLI COUNTY, Mont. – Montana’s fast moving “roaring lion” fire, which sparked Sunday afternoon, has already burned 2,000 acres, several structures, and forced the evacuation of 500 homes.

Officials say it was caused by humans.wildfire photo

Helicopters and numerous ground crews were called out to contain the blaze. An estimated 200 homes were directly threatened by the fire Sunday night. Officials says if the size of the fire wasn’t bad enough, the rapid pace at which it spread is calling for the quick response.

“We have a three-stage warning system,” said Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman. “Stage one is a warning. Get your stuff ready. We skipped that. We didn’t have time for it. Frankly, by the time we got crews up here it was very quickly after smoke was detected. We went straight to stage two which is please get out.


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