New Hurricane-Proof Glass Walls Allow Both Inward and Outward Opening

NanaWall’s glass wall system can prevent water, wind and debris from hurricanes and storms from entering buildings up to 15 stories.

NanaWall storm-proof glass wall systems offer garage-sized possibilities.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – NanaWall Systems, the pioneer of the opening glass wall category, introduces the the NanaWall SL73—an operable glass wall system that is designed to stand up to hurricanes as one of the industry’s toughest folding systems. The NanaWall SL73 features reinforced structural posts and impact-rated laminated glass to provide unparalleled strength, while the Secure Locking System, specialized seals and panel design provide superior wind and rain resistance.

The SL73 allows homeowners in hurricane-prone areas to enjoy their views while remaining safe and dry. It received high ratings on both static and dynamic pressure water resistance tests, and is tested to demanding standards for preventing water, wind and debris from entering the building—not only at the ground level, but up to 15 stories.

“Large openings are easy to design, but what matters most is the performance when closed,” said NanaWall CEO Ebrahim Nana. “Many systems are limited to outward openings and are not approved for areas that need protection from water. The NanaWall SL73 offers a complete impact-rated system, allowing both inward- and outward-opening systems to qualify, while also providing protection from water penetration.”

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