New York Heat Wave’s Other Cost: Extreme Energy Usage

The stunning heat wave in New York and New Jersey has resulted in record power use.


The heat wave — which is now in its fifth day and which has steamed up the subways and encouraged cockroaches to fly — also broke records for electricity use in New York City.

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Record highs for weekend usage of 11,855 megawatts were reached on Saturday and a record high for Sunday usage topped out at 11,669 megawatts on Sunday, according to Con Edison.

The heat caused blackouts for 29,897 customers, beginning Friday when hundreds of Staten Islanders lost power, said a Con Edison spokesman.

Power had been restored to 29,655 customers and 242 were waiting for the lights to turn back on by Monday morning, the spokesman said.

New Yorkers took to Twitter to express their heat-induced ire.

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